Kinesevelt and the Well-Being

"Massage is not just a luxury, it is a of a healthier and happier life"

It has become increasingly crucial, especially for pregnant women and people who live in stressful environments.

Hyper-contraction of muscles causing wrinkles and expression lines in the face.

Endospheric Therapy sessions relax excessively contracted muscles, until the final result: the tension areas of your face relaxed and toned.

For more good sensations we also offer a good massage with many medicinal benefits.

The gentle massage pressure helps stabilize the heart and respiratory functions, increase energy and vitality levels, alleviate muscle tension, improve blood circulation, create deeper relaxation, and balanced body and mind, thereby promoting general well-being.

The well-being of our customers is the reason we come to work every morning.

At kinesvelt, we try to be better every day to give you the best solution to your problems.