Expert in weight-loss

The kinesvelt center is specializing in slimming, nutritional monitoring, wellness and sports coaching, opened its doors 13 years ago in California.


For all that is slimming, we use a latest generation ” impedancemetre ” which helps us in the analysis of all the essential indicators:

  • Weight
  • Percentage of body fat (percentage of fat in the body)
  • Percentage of water mass (water retention)
  • Percentage of bone mass
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Percentage of fat on the viscera (bladder, stomach, etc.)

Based on these indicators, nutritional planning and state-of-the-art slimming devices used in the world of international aesthetics are ensured.

Imane Daoudi, expert in Physiotherapy, slimming and well-being.

Very recognized in the medical beauty community thanks to her commitment to be a pioneer in all new technologies in the aesthetic field.


How do the stars manage to be always so glowing? The secret is at kinsevelt.

Thanks to the treatments and modern equipment at kinsevelt, several very famous stars and influencers in Morocco and internationally have trusted us.

We are also proud to have helped thousands of women achieve their goals who represent 70% of our precious clients.

Our customers have chosen kinesvelt to find a solution to a problem they are suffering from or to improve their state of mind. Our mission is always to help our clients achieve their goals whatever it is.



Our center is very calm, because we understand that the mental aspect is the half of the healing process.



Healthy and hygienic we took it very seriously, especially these days.



All of our solutions are effective and have good results for our customers.

Our Specialties

Customer testimonials

  • Siham saad
    "J'ai perdu 7 kg en un mois en plus Mme daoudi est très aimable vraiment je suis très satisfaite"
    Siham saad
  • Soraya kheldoun
    "Je suis vraiment très satisfaite des résultats obtenus en si peu de temps, le staff et le service est top et surtout très professionnel. Encore merci à toi Imane Daoudi d’être présente et à l’écoute tous les jours. Je vous recommande à tous Kinesvelt"
    Soraya kheldoun
  • Mouna zaki
    "J'ai été séduite par la diversité des machines amincissantes dernière génération, et la qualité du lieu et de son personnel. Une adresse à recommander vivement. Grand merci imane et lamiaa"
    Mouna zaki
  • Nouhaila Ouahdani
    "Je suis très satisfaite des résultats obtenus en si peu de temps, l'équipe est très professionnelle. Merci encore une fois Mme Daoudi et à toute l'équipe. Je vous recommande à tous Kinesvelt 👍"
    Nouhaila Ouahdani
  • Imane Moussaoui
    "Meilleur soin de visage a casablanca, centre tres tres propre, puis la fille qui m a fait le soin est tres professionnelle, je recommande vivement."
    Imane Moussaoui
  • Mounia bouzobaa
    "accueil chaleureux professionalisme objectif atteint en un mois et vingt jours"
    Mounia bouzobaa

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